Thursday, January 7, 2010


How did you get started?
I started in gospel, singing in church as a kid, in the youth choir. Then that that led to a gospel/ soul childrens choir, and I did some solos with them too. I was a self taught on guitar, I played in the band, I played snare drum, and guitar in the jazz band. I stopped music doing music for a while and started it again when I was in the military. But then I was going to studio, and trying to be a rapper. A lot of my boys were rapping, I was hanging with them and ghost writing. Then I did a hook on a joint, they liked it and from there I just got back into it, and stuck to singing.

Who are some of your influences?
Marvin Gaye, Eric Benet, Raphael Saadiq, Mint Condition and Prince, those are the first ones who come to mind. If you listen to each of their styles, they don’t do a lot of vocal tricks, it’s more about the emotions. They have a connection. Marvin, they way he sings, it makes you wonder how he came up with that melody, I like Prince for his swag and they all write and sing. I listen to Al Green and Curtis Mayfield too.

What makes your music different?
My music is different from a lot of the stuff you hear on the radio. It has a emotional connection, most stuff now its pop, everyone one want to be Chris Brown and make dance music. My stuff is for the grown and sexy. It can remind you of a situation that happen. My songs are about me. Not fabricated stories, but stuff that I went through.

What do you want people to know about K Lipsey?
I’m a real cat, bringing real music, nothing fabricated, and I do it from my heart. There’s a reason I did the album, and named it “The Treatment”, a good friend of mine who passed away inspired me. I went thru a period when I was lost, trying find my way. He used to always tell me to write about it. I wrote about what I was going through in my life and put it together. It’s a therapeutic. It’s cathartic. If you like it, you can hit me on Myspace.com/klipsey or Facebook too. Also Mississippi Poor Boy and Have Mercy are both on iTunes. If you grown and sexy, look me up.

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