Thursday, January 7, 2010


How did you get started in music?
When I was young I sang in church and in school. But I did more acting then. I was doing a lot of music theater at the Seattle Childrens Theater. Music didn’t really come to the forefront until I went to college. I started doing it more seriously when I was in DC. I was part of that music scene there with Raheem DeVaughn and Amerie. I was singing in a couple bands and doing some background work too. Then in my senior year I went to school in London. I had a lot of time on my hands and that’s when I really started writing. Then after college I moved to LA and the whole solo thing just grew from there.

Who are some of your influences?
There’s so many that I draw from. As for females, I love Chante Moore and Rachelle Ferrell. And for men I like Al Jarreau and Stevie Wonder. Stevie is everything to me. I respect a lot of other people. As writers I like Luther Vandross and George Michael too.

What makes you different from other artist?
Well it’s a little different from what’s currently out. It’s a more genuine presence. I call it soul music. Not just R&B, but soul. It comes from the soul. Also my voice is unique, the songs are melodic, they’re real and honest. I feel like what I bring is needed right now. It’s not formulaic. It’s genuine artistry. Hip Hop is taking over but R&B is still alive and well.

What do you want people to know about Ife?
Well you can go to my site www.ifemusic.com and you can hear all the music there. Also you can see the video there too. You can buy the two singles “Aim To Please” and “Fly” from the site. You can hear all the songs on the site too. There’s five songs on the EP, which is called Crescendo. I called it that because I love that word. It’s a musical term that means to build or get louder. That’s what I’m doing. It represents my energy I’m building and making a bigger impact. In addition to the music I want to do some humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors eventually. But for now, please visit the site, check the music and let me know what you think.

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