Thursday, January 7, 2010

FEATURES: Anthony Hamilton

His singles “Coming From Where I’m From” and “Charlene” solidified his voice. His 2003 debut CD “Coming From Where I’m From” solidified his sound. Now, with his third studio album, “The Point of it All”, Anthony Hamilton has returned with more of the tales of love and life his fans have come to appreciate.
“The Point of it All” is a collection of 15 songs, primarily ballads with a few mid-tempos mixed in. Confident in the direction and feel of this latest project, Anthony says, “I love this album. It has something for everyone. It has stuff you can dance to it or you can just let it play.”

Anthony Hamilton grew up in North Carolina, where he was influenced by the mix of Gospel and classic R&B that was a mainstay in his home. He says he knew very early on in his childhood that he was destined to be a singer, noting the profound effect music has always had on him. Anthony recalls listening to Michael Jackson’s “Ben” in those days, remembering how much the song and the story affected him even though he didn’t know back then the son was about a rat. Yet, he says it was a deep connection to that song that had him first consider becoming a singer.
Anthony believes he has grown tremendously in different ways since his first CD dropped. The thirty-eight year old is now married and acknowledges he is now in a much happier place. When his first CD was released, he admits to having been emotionally torn and facing a number of problems. Those problems were evident in the lyrics he penned and sang; some would even say they were apparent in his appearance. Fast forward nearly six years, and Anthony has gone from that disheveled “country boy next door,” to a clean-cut sex symbol. What some people may find odd is that he is a licensed barber, and says he is normally clean cut and has always been into fashion. He says he even went through a phase of what he described as “like Outkast”. These days, he prefers custom tailored suits.
The growth in Anthony’s music is immediately apparent on hearing. Not wanting to be pigeon-holed as “the sad cat”, his new album is infused with upbeat love stories. He attributes this change to his life with his wife, Tarsha. She’d sing backup for Hamilton for years, but evidently was at the forefront of his mind. He says he realized Tarsha was “the one” when he realized that she was a person he was afraid to lose. “People have come and gone. I’ve never been afraid to lose anyone, but I couldn’t be without her,” he says. The couple still resides in North Carolina, shunning the glitz and glamour of Hollywood or New York. Although Hamilton lived in New York back when he was still grinding for his big break, he sees New York as little more than a cool place to visit. “I like saving money and affordable houses with grass and trees,” Anthony says, “You won’t find that in New York.”

Fans who have attended Anthony’s concerts know it’s possible they may see him shed tears during the show. “I’m a regular person, and I have emotions just like the next man,” he admits. Anthony says he last cried at the time of Barack Obama’s Inauguration, calling it “overwhelming.” He was unable to attend the festivities, but was brought to tears as he watched television coverage and reflected on the challenges and struggles of Black Americans throughout history. In fact, the 2008 election was Hamilton’s first time voting. But Anthony adds, “I knew I had to vote this time. It was important for me and for the country.”

The Grammy nominated artist says he likes a variety of musical genres, with a musical playlist that includes plenty of R&B and Hip-Hop, but also has Josh Groban and Josh Turner. When Anthony is not making music or performing, he shares the bulk of his time with his family – not surprising from this self-professed country boy. It’s also no surprise to Anthony’s loyal fans that he continues to grow as a writer, vocalist and performer with each project.

“The Point of it All” is available in stores now. Fans can reach out to Anthony Hamilton, and learn more about his music and upcoming shows by visiting www.anthonyhamilton.com or www.myspace.com/anthonyhamilton.

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