Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kjon: The Wait Is Over

“On The Ocean” is the lead single from Kjon, one of R&B newest artist, who says “I’m not afraid to sing about what I’m going through and other stuff that matters.” The Detroit native says he wrote the song as a inspirational message for him and for anyone going through a struggle or pursuing a goal. “It’s a song about perseverance and never giving up, because all your work will pay off,” he said.

Although Kjon had released independent music, and even performed in local talent shows it wasn’t until he was laid off from his health care management job that he fully concentrated on making music a priority. He only waited on the ocean for six months before his ship finally came and he landed a deal with Universal Music.
As expected, growing up in the backyard of Motown, he was influenced by many of the greats, but he says he didn’t realize how much the music impacted his life and how it influenced his interest in music until he was an adult. He credits Michael Jackson, the Isley Brothers, and Marvin Gaye as some of his old school influences. He says he likes some of the new artist, including Robin Thicke and NeYo.

The by-product of his musical influences manifests itself on his debut CD “I Get Around.” Kjon says this CD has something for everyone, kids and adults. In addition to motivational songs, he says he was sure to include sensual ballads as well as club bangers. Even with Hip Hop saturating radio, film and even commercials, the singer is a self professed R&B guy. Although, like many people, he is a hip hop fan, but feels there needs to be a better balance in radio playlists.

Even with the success of the CD, he insists that he is still the same person. He gives one example saying that he has always taken his two kids to school, but now people are starting to recognize him. Kjon says that he is a father first, but admits his children, who are 5 and 7 years old, understand that his job takes him away from home but they know it’s just work. “I love doing music, but I love being with my kids more. They make me smile,” he said.

Being an independent artist had its challenges and for Kjon the struggles and sacrifices paid off. He says the song “On the Ocean” was the result of him hitting a low point, but that song kept him motivated. In addition “I Get Around,” the title of his CD is homage to his amount of hustling and hard work trying to get his music played. Even without mainstream radio support he still managed to book shows and get fan support. Having released three independent albums and his first major album he says he had to learn the business on his own by trial and error. To other artist, he offers the following advice. Learn the business and learn to accept critiques.
Even though Kjon has lived enough life to offer advice, he admits that he is still learning every day. One thing he wants fans to know about him is that he has learned to tell people how he feels about them because tomorrow isn’t promised.
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